About Me


Hey there, I’m Hunter, a self-taught software developer from Arizona. I caught a nack for computers and the internet at a young age, and naturally, that led me into the world of programming. Along the way, I’ve gained some really valuable insights not just about programming itself, but also about how I personally learn and grow. It’s been an incredible journey that has ignited a deep passion within me to keep expanding my knowledge and create awesome things. As of recent years, I’ve shifted my focus and expertise in the NextJS and React Native communities utilzing these amazing frameworks to create large scale web and mobile applications.


I maintain and work on a diverse range of projects, but there are a few notable achievements that stand out. One of the highlights was leading and architecting the development of LifePoint Informatics’ patient portal and Covid-19 testing results web and mobile applications. Using NextJS and React Native, we enabled multiple clinics to seamlessly utilize these applications, allowing patients to securely sign up and access their routine lab results or urgent Covid-19 test results after visiting a doctor’s office or clinic. Collaborating closely with back-end engineers, we revamped existing REST APIs to improve data flow and responses, enhancing the interaction between the server and client. Additionally, I focused on developing and strengthening some amazingly fun to work on React Native mobile applications, ensuring optimal performance on both iOS and Android platforms while prioritizing consistent user experiences across different devices. To ensure secure access control and authentication, I designed and implemented custom AWS serverless user authorization flows using AWS Cognito and Lambda functions. This played a crucial role in enhancing the overall security and reliability of the applications. Another project I took on was expanding and driving forward the rapid growth of the media platform, Snacktime. By making great use of GraphQL and graph databases like Gremlin and Apache Tinkerpop, we facilitated efficient data querying and flexible large-scale data modeling, resulting in significant improvements to the platform’s capabilities. In order to improve performance and discoverability, I implemented server-side rendered pages across various applications, employing best SEO practices with NextJS. This led to noticeable performance enhancements and increased discoverability of the applications. One of my responsibilities included designing and architecting a company admin panel web application. This application empowered company administrators to log in and effectively manage company application usage, metrics, and user activity as required. To streamline the development process, I successfully set up an AWS Amplify CI/CD pipeline, allowing for the utilization of multiple testing environments and branches. This facilitated continuous development with NextJS, enabling a more efficient workflow. I also took on the task of modernizing some legacy Adobe ColdFusion web applications. This involved improving code quality and styling in existing projects and files, breathing new life into these applications. Additionally, I completed a timely overhaul by upgrading an old project to a modern front-end written in React. Throughout my experience, I consistently maintained existing React codebases while integrating new features and UI updates as requested by various product owners. This ongoing enhancement and evolution of the applications were instrumental in meeting user needs and ensuring their satisfaction.